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Box and Remote
  • If your remote starts acting up, try resetting it. Pick your remote:

  • One remote to rule them all! Not quite, but you can still sync your YouView remote to your TV with these steps:

  • Try these steps and we'll see if we can get it working again:

  • This is a mode used to recover your box when something has gone wrong with it. In this mode you can restore your box back to its factory settings, letting you start again from a clean state.

  • We have all the information you need to use your YouView remote control.

  • This is a handy guide to help you with some of the technical terms you may hear us refer to in other guides or in your YouView box manual.

  • We understand how worrying this could be. It sounds like there may be a power issue with your box. We recommend trying these steps:

  • Need to know which box model you have? Just follow these steps:

  • We hope you never need to do this but if your box has an issue that can’t be fixed, you have the option to factory reset the box.

  • Not able to change your volume using the YouView remote? It could be your settings need adjusting or an issue with the remote. Try these steps:

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