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  • Lost without your guide? Let’s get you back on track:

  • This is usually a tell-tale sign that you’re disconnected from the internet. Give these steps a try and we’ll see if we can connect you:

  • The guide is your one stop shop for all your channels. You can see what’s on now, what’s on in the next 7 days and even what’s been on in the last 7 days. Let’s show you what you can do:

  • Transparencies let you still see what's going on in the background while you browse the menus. You can turn this on/off in a few quick steps:

  • Channel logos help to visually enhance the guide and mini guide but you decide if you want to see them or not. You can choose your preference in settings:

  • This might be because they’ve been turned off in the settings. Let’s have a quick check:

  • The Discover section on the YouView menu allows you to browse through different categories and find new content.

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