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Picture Break Up
We are aware of a band of high atmospheric pressure sitting over Wales, the south west and parts of southern England which may cause increased volumes of YVM302s and picture break up.  
  • Everything you need to know, we’ve got it covered:

  • We know how disappointing a failed recording is. We can’t do anything to bring it back but we can help you prevent it from happening again. Have a read of our tips for:

  • That silver screen feeling in your living room, all without the overpriced popcorn. This is your guide to buying and renting films and TV:

  • We know how frustrating it can be when the programme has not been fully recorded. We record your programmes based on the start/end times provided by the broadcaster. If the times...

  • The Watch List allows you to create your own catch up library

  • Some on demand programmes will be available shortly after they have aired. However some might take a little longer...

  • Programmes that are going to air in the next 7 days will be shown in the scheduled list. Promotional trailers sometimes offer...

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