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About the mobile app
  1. What is the mobile app?
    The mobile app is a perfect companion to your box. It lets you browse the guide and set recordings* all on the go. You can even play available programmes straight from the guide.

    Only on a YouView+ box.
  2. How to download it
    The YouView app works with all YouView boxes but you can also download other apps for a more tailored experience depending on your provider :
    • YouView App
      The YouView app is available on iOS and Android devices:

      iOS | Android
    • TalkTalk TV App
      For more information about the TalkTalk TV App, visit the TalkTalk TV website.
    • BT TV App
      For more information about the BT TV App, visit the BT website.
  3. Boring but important stuff
    To use the YouView App, your box and mobile device must be connected to the internet.
    To set recordings using the app you must have a YouView+ box.

    Supported devices
    The YouView App is compatible with:

    The app is supported on devices running iOS8 or above. You can download the YouView App from the App Store.

    The app is supported on most Android 4.0 or above. The YouView App can be downloaded from the Google Play™ Store.
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