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App accessibility features
The mobile app is designed to make sure that our users who are visually impaired can find the best content that they’re looking for:
Here’s a look at the features we offer:
  1. Text to speech
    We've worked with the RNIB to optimise the YouView mobile app, so that you can find what’s on TV, more easily. In addition to ensuring that navigating is as easy as possible with iOS’s VoiceOver and Android’s TalkBack, we’ve worked to enhance the app so that:
    • If you select a programme in the Guide, the app will read out when it’s on, and which channel it is on.
    • In the programme details view, the app will read out programme attributes, including whether audio description is available.
    • If you search start searching for a programme, the app will read out the number of search suggestions to make it easier to complete a search.

    To turn on text to speech see these instructions:
  2. Voice to text
    You can search for channels and programmes using voice-to-text entry. On the search page, compatible devices will show microphone icon on the keypad – typically near the bottom. Press the microphone to use the voice entry feature then, when ready, say the name of a channel or programme. You’ll then get the search results as normal.
  3. More features
    Apple and Android offer further accessibility features which may be used with the YouView mobile app. These include:
    • Zoom
    • High contrast colour scheme
    • Braille device support
    For more information about these features, visit the accessibility sections of the Apple and Android websites.
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