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Fix for YVM5001
Unable to connect to your box
We're weren't able to manually connect the app to your box. This can usually happen if either the box or app are disconnected from the internet. Try these steps to see if you can reconnect:
  1. Check your mobile network connection
    Make sure your mobile device is connected to the internet using mobile data or Wi-Fi connection.
  2. Generate a new code
    With both your box and mobile device connected to the internet, you'll need to generate a new code:

    Select which version of YouView you're using to show the steps:
    This is the NEW YouView menu. If your menu looks like this, read here:

    Manual connection isn't currently available on NEW YouView. 

    This is the ORIGINAL YouView menu. If your menu looks like this, follow these steps:
    1. Bring up the menu with the Y or YouView button on your remote
    2. Select Settings and go to Device Management
    3. Select Mobile Device
    4. Select Connect Device
    5. Enter the new code into the mobile app
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