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Fix for YVM5010
Unable to automatically connect
We try to make things as easy as possible for you, but it looks like we're having a bit of trouble automatically connecting the app to your box. Try these steps and we'll help you connect:
  1. Use a YouView+ box
    The YouView mobile app can only connect with recordable YouView boxes (YouView+). 

    If your box does not have recording capabilities, then we won't be able to connect to it. However you can still use the app by skipping the connection step in setup. You just won't be able to send recording requests from the app.
  2. Connect from home
    To find your box, you'll need to make sure your mobile device is connected to Wi-Fi.

    This needs to be from the same router your YouView+ box is connected to, this will also work if your YouView+ box is connected to your router using powerline adapters. If both your box and mobile device are on the same network, try connecting again and it should do the rest for you.
  3. Check for software updates
    1. Select the Menu button on your remote
    2. Select Settings
    3. Go to the Information & Reset area and select Software information
    4. Select Update software

    We’ll let you know if we find any updates and start downloading it for you.
  4. Change your standby mode
    You need to be using either Smart Standby or Always Ready for the app to pair to your box successfully. We recommend using Smart standby. Want to know more about Smart Standby?
    1. Select the Menu button on your remote
    2. Select Settings
    3. Scroll down to the Box Management area and select Power & standby
    4. Select Standby mode
    5. Select SMART or Always Ready
    6. Select Done
  5. Further help
    We didn’t think you’d end up here, but thanks for trying all the above steps. If you need further assistance, please contact your box provider, internet service provider (if it is BT, TalkTalk or Plusnet) or drop a message on our community forum and you will receive the help you need. 
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