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Setting up the YouView app
Connecting the YouView app to your mobile device couldn't be easier. Here's our quick guide to setting up:
  1. Before you start
    There's a few things to know before you start:
    • The app can only connect to a YouView+ box. If your box doesn't have recording features then you can't connect the app to it. You can still use it as a mobile guide and a great way to discover content.
    • You need to accept our terms of use on the app to use it.
    • Connecting your app to your box means you can't use the Energy Saver standby mode.

    OK so that's the boring but important part, now let's get started.
  2. Automatic setup
    The easiest way to connect. All you need to do is:
    1. Connect your mobile device to the Wi-Fi. This needs to be from the same router your box is connected to
    2. Turn your box & TV on
    3. Open the app and tap Connect. If you're using iOS or have more than one box, you'll need to select which box to connect to. 
    4. If your box wasn't found, check your box and mobile device again to ensure they are connected to the same network. If you continue to encounter connection issues you can get in contact with our support team to help with this.
    5. If the connection has been successful, a confirmation message will appear on your TV. Press OK on your remote to accept the connection
    6. Tap Done on the app and away you go
  3. Further help
    If you need further assistance, please contact your box provider, internet service provider (if it is BT, TalkTalk or Plusnet) or drop a message on our community forum and you will receive the help you need. 
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