A Mobile App Update

July 18th, 2018

iOS YouView App Software Update 11.2.12

A new YouView iOS App update is now available to download from the App Store.

What's new?

The Bookings section is now located within MyTV: A single area to check the status of your recording requests, scheduled recordings and recorded programmes.

MyTV can now be used to view Recordings, Scheduled recordings and Bookings all from one place.


Notification messages will show as a red dot, providing an alert.


  • We've removed the loading splash screen to make it even faster to launch the app.

  • Support for iPhone X layout.

  • Bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed a number of bugs in this release including:

  • An issue where the app would display future recordings as 'Failed Recordings' if there had been a scheduling change. 

  • Launching a piece of On Demand content would sometimes not prompt the user to install the relevant player app. 

Important Information

The YouView App is compatible with all YouView+ set-top boxes which allow live TV recording.

Compatible devices

The YouView App is supported on iPhone, iPad and iPod devices running iOS9 or later versions.

Terms & Conditions

The YouView app is compatible with all YouView+ boxes and is free, but mobile network and/or Wi-Fi charges may apply. The terms and conditions of using the app can be found directly via the app menu, or on the YouView website.


Have some feedback on this update? 
Let us know on our community forum. We've set up a discussion thread specifically for this update.