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Using interactive zoom
A YouView first, letting you zoom in to the screen and still interact with it the way you normally would. Let’s look a bit closer at how to use it:
  1. Using interactive zoom
    Interactive zoom only works when you have the menus on screen. It doesn’t work on your live TV picture. To use it:
    1. Bring up a menu, like the Guide, Mini Guide or settings menu
    2. Press the Zoom button on your remote
    3. Use the navigation buttons to move around the screen. You can press OK to select things as usual
  2. Pan mode
    When in zoom mode, press the Zoom button again and you’ll enter the pan mode. This lets you adjust the zoom position to your liking.
    Just remember, when you’re in pan mode, you can’t interact with the screen. To enter pan mode:
    1. Press the Zoom button when you’re in the interactive zoom mode
    2. Use the direction buttons to move around the screen
    3. Press OK, to confirm your position or back to return to the standard interactive zoom position
    4. If you want to exit the Zoom mode, just press the Zoom button again
  3. Important information about zoom mode
    In case you were wondering, the Zoom state is maintained after your box has been switched off. To go back to normal view, just press the Zoom button until the screen is normal again.

    At the moment, the Zoom function is not currently available in On Demand players.
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