Factory Reset

A YouView Box FAQ

Resetting your TalkTalk TV Hub to factory settings can help fix some issues. If your box has frozen and requires a restart, you should power off your TV box (via the wall socket) and wait for a few minutes before switching it back on again.

When powered back on, if the box displays the same behaviour, you should follow the below steps to complete a full factory reset. You should only use this option after all other diagnostics have been completed.

If you complete a full factory reset you'll lose all your custom settings, reminders and credentials of 'On Demand' apps during a factory reset.

1. Press the Home button on your TV Hub remote
2. Settings can be found via the cog at the top of the Menu.
3. Select Device Preferences
4. Select Factory reset
5. Select Factory reset again to confirm
6. Select Delete everything if you are sure you want to delete all personal settings and installed apps and return the TV Hub to factory default.

After you’ve reset your box you’ll need to complete the setup wizard by following the onscreen steps.