YouView App Not Updating on TalkTalk TV Hub

A YouView Box FAQ

The YouView App should update automatically on your device, if it isn't you can easily do this yourself.

‘Live TV & Catch Up’ will usually update automatically but you can always check and update manually if needed:

To update to the latest Live TV & Catch Up version manually, you can navigate to the Google Play Store.

This can be found either as an app on the Apps page, or by navigating to the bottom of the Apps page and selecting “Go to Play Store”.

Then searching for or launching ‘Live TV & Catch Up’, and if present, selecting the ‘Update’ option.

To check you have the latest version you can go to:

  1. Open Play Store

  2. Click on your user icon (top right)

  3. Manage Apps and Games

  4. Updates

  5. If there is an update available, “Live TV and Catch Up” will appear in this list

  6. Install it