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Picture & sound out of sync
It doesn’t happen often but when it does it can be distracting. Try these steps and we’ll see if we can line up the picture and sound:
  1. Change the channel
    Try changing the channel and then going back to the original channel. This simple step may help to resync the picture and audio on your TV.
  2. Adjust the sync
    Time for a bit of fine tuning. You can manually adjust the sync in the settings menu:
    1. Bring up the menu with your remote
    2. Select Settings
    3. Scroll down to the Box Management area and select Picture & Sound
    4. Select Synchronise Picture & Sound
    5. Select an amount of time to adjust the picture and sound by. You can choose up to 240ms (milliseconds)
    6. Select Done

    You may need to experiment a little bit and try a few different times before you get it right.

    Please note: Some TVs may also have a separate audio sync feature which you may want to try after adjusting the sync on your YouView box.
  3. Restart your box
    The old “switch it on and off” routine. Overused but it can often help resolve the issue. Press and hold the YouView button on your box for 8 seconds, then let go. You’ll be greeted with a friendly ‘Hello’ telling you that your box has restarted.

    If you are connected through separate audio equipment, you can also power this on off and on to see if this helps with the issue. We recommend trying a direct audio connection to the box and the TV to see if the issue remains.
  4. Further help
    We didn’t think you’d end up here, but thanks for trying all the above steps. We’d suggest contacting the content provider for further help.
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