Using the Discover feature on my box? 

A YouView Box FAQ

The Discover section on the YouView menu allows you to browse through different categories and find new content.

The Discover option can be found on the Main Menu, between the option for ‘MyTV’ and ‘Settings’. When launching Discover you will automatically highlight the first piece of content in the ‘Most Popular’ carousel. The programmes in this category will change throughout the day to show the best content available across all of the main TV channels.

You will be able to scroll up and down through 15 different categories including Entertainment & Reality, Drama, Comedy and Sport. The 'Just Added’ category will show you the latest content available to watch, and the ‘Last Chance’ will show content that is about to expire.

Launching a programme from one of the carousels will open the applicable on demand player so you can start watching it. When using Discover it is also possible to add the programme to your ‘Watch List’ by pressing the record button on your YouView remote control. You can find out more from our guide How do I add content to my Watch List?