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Buy or rent films & TV
That silver screen feeling in your living room, all without the overpriced popcorn. This is your guide to buying and renting films and TV:
  1. Where to buy or rent
    We label all On Demand programmes; Free, Subscription, Buy or Rent. Finding them is easy.

    You can use search to find a programme you are looking for. Or you can use the BT Store/TalkTalk Store section to browse through your options. Just press the the menu button on your remote and highlight the store. You can find out more about how to purchase and what's available on the TalkTalk Store and the BT TV Store
  2. How much does it cost to buy or rent?
    We already have thousands of free programmes to watch. If you want to buy or rent, the prices will be shown on screen. If you have any questions about the prices, please contact your TV subscription provider.
  3. How to buy or rent
    Paying for your programme is just a few clicks. Simply highlight the programme you want to buy or rent and press the OK button. Don’t worry before anything is confirmed, you’ll always be asked to enter your PIN by the content provider.
  4. Finding your purchases
    Once you have bought your programme, it will be available from the content providers on demand player. To find the player:
    1. Press the menu button on your remote button
    2. Select Players & Apps
    3. In the Players section, select the player you bought the content from.
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