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Viewers in the West & South West
Viewers in the West & South West of England may need to retune after 9am on the 19th June 2019 to ensure they receive all available Freeview channels. More information   here
Missing On Demand players
Some On Demand players are only available in certain regions. If we can’t detect your region, then the player won’t be shown. Try these steps and we’ll check again:
  1. Availability check
    A quick sanity check. Use our availability checker to make sure the player is available in your area.

    Just enter your address details in the availability checker and see the On Demand section to find out.
  2. Check your cables
    Time to head round the back of your box. We’ll walk you through what to do.
    First things first, we need to check how your box is connected to your router. Pick your connection:
    • Direct Ethernet cable
      1. Check the Ethernet cable is securely connected to the Ethernet port. To be safe, disconnect it and reconnect it
      2. Follow the cable from your box to the back of your router and make sure it’s securely connected to one of your LAN ports.
    • Powerline adapters
      1. Check the Ethernet cable is securely connected to the Ethernet port. To be safe, disconnect it and reconnect it
      2. There should be two powerline adapters plugged into your mains. One by your YouView box and one by your router. Check both adapters are switched on and make sure the Ethernet cables are securely connected
  3. Retune your channels
    A simple retune may do the trick:
    1. Bring up the menu with your remote
    2. Select Settings
    3. Go to the Signal & Connection area and select TV Channels
    4. Select Retune Channels

    Give it a couple of minutes to retune and check to see if your signal is back to normal.

    Please note: It is not possible to manually change your region when returning. Whilst carrying out a retune, your box may automatically detect a number of regions available to you (if so, you will be able to select the one most appropriate for your area).

    If you live in an area bordering different regions this may affect the players you receive.

  4. Further help
    If you are still experiencing an issue receiving your on demand players after carrying out the steps, we'd suggest contacting your broadband provider for further help.
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