A YouView Box Update

September 4th, 2019

Humax retail software update 32.32.10 / 3.6.128

This Humax retail software update includes a bug fix where the BBC red button was greyed out and didn't work.

Bug Fixes

We have fixed an issue where the red button would be greyed out and it wouldn't be possible to use the red button until a reboot was carried out.

Software versions

Manufacturer software: 32.32.10
Component software: 3.6.128

Latest software versions 

Compatible devices

This software version currently supports these box models:

  • T2000

Not sure which box model you have? We'll show you how to find out.

Important information

This release supersedes the 3.6.124 release. Users who have not received 3.6.124 yet will skip 3.6.124 and get 3.6.128 instead. Any features or fixes from 3.6.124 will still be in 3.6.128.

This is a phased software release therefore some boxes will receive this update before others.


Have some feedback on this update? 
Let us know on our community forum. We've set up a discussion thread specifically for this update.