A YouView Box Update

February 13th, 2020

TalkTalk Software Update 60.48.87 & 72.48.87 / 3.6.162

This is a software release for TalkTalk DN360T & DN372T devices which includes the addition of Search with Amazon Alexa.

What's new?

Use Voice on Amazon Alexa to use Search on YouView

  • A new way to find your favourite shows

    We've introduced a new feature which allows you to search for your favourite shows by title using your voice.
    Once you've paired your Alexa device, you can ask Alexa to search for your favourite shows..

  • Example of how to search:

    "Alexa, search for Eastenders"
    "Alexa, search for Catastrophe"

    Following this command, the search main menu section will come up with results related to this show.

    Then use the remote as usual to select a tile.

Software Versions

Manufacturer software: 

  • 60.48.87

  • 72.48.87

Component software: 3.6.162

Latest software versions 

Compatible devices

This software version currently supports these box models: 

  • DN360T

  • DN372T

Not sure which box model you have? We'll show you how to find out.

Important Information

This is a phased software release, some devices will get this release before others.

Help articles for using voice with Amazon Alexa can be found below:


Have some feedback on this update? 
Let us know on our community forum. We've set up a discussion thread specifically for this update.