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Guide not working properly
The guide is made up of two sections, Now & Next and the Backwards Programme Guide. See the below steps for help with the section that isn’t working properly:
  1. Backwards programme guide
    If you are seeing ‘No Information’ or ‘loading’ for programmes in the Backwards Programme Guide, then you may not be connected to the Internet. See Fix for YVM2102 for help if you're disconnected.

    If there are programmes that are unavailable to play in the Backwards Programme Guide, then these programmes may not be available yet, please try again later. Alternatively the broadcasters for these programmes may not have an On Demand service on YouView, but may join later.
  2. Now & Next
    If you have no information in the Now & Next section of your guide, then try restarting your TV. Press & hold the YouView button on the remote for 8 seconds, then let go. Your TV will then power down. Once it has turned off, turn it back on again.

    If after resetting your box you still have no information in the guide, try Re-Tuning your channels
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