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Using the TV Guide
The guide is your one stop shop for all your channels. You can see what’s on now, what’s on in the next 7 days and even what’s been on in the last 7 days. Let’s show you what you can do:
  1. Browsing the guide
    Browsing the guide is easy:
    • Scroll up and down to browse through channels one at a time
    • Press channel up and channel down to skip a whole page
    • Scroll left and right to browse through the programmes on the channel you’ve highlighted
    • Press fast forward and rewind to skip forwards or backwards by 24 hours
  2. Filtering your channels
    Filtering channels is a quick way to find all the channels for one genre. Perfect for channel surfing:
    1. In the guide, press the blue button
    2. Scroll across and highlight the category you want
    3. Press OK

    Changed your mind? No problem, just repeat the steps again and choose another filter.

    Note: Any Entertainment HD channels can be found in the HD filter.
  3. Using the backwards TV guide
    Forgot to put something on record? Found out about a new show too late? There’s always a chance the programme is available on demand. Using the backwards TV guide you can pinpoint the programme you were looking for and see if it available to watch.
    • Scroll left to move backwards in the guide
    • Press rewind to skip backwards by 24 hours
    • Anything with the icon is available to play. Press OK on the programme to start it
  4. Finding programme information
    Want to know more about the a programme? Highlight the programme and press the information button on your remote control. This will open up the information panel.

    Please note: It is not possible to rewind and watch a live programme from the beginning. However it is possible to Pause and Rewind Live programme whilst watching them.
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