Set up parental controls

A YouView Box FAQ

Here’s a walkthrough on how to set up parental controls in a few quick steps:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Settings*
  3. From Parental Controls select Restrict rated programmes
  4. Enter your Parental PIN. Forgotten your PIN?
  5. You can now choose to restrict adult channels/categories and programmes

*Settings can be found via the cog in the top right corner of the Menu. You can get to the cog by pressing Up and right after opening the Menu.

The options available include - 
  • The ability to Show/ Hide Adult Channels & Categories in the guide
  • The ability to Restrict Rated Programmes
  • Set Parental Rating (when set the box will ask for your Parental Control Pin when someone tries to watch programmes with one of the following age ratings).


15 and over

12 and over

PG and over

  • Turn Guidance and Watershed on and off (if you turn this on, you’ll need your Parental Control PIN to watch anything recorded after the watershed or rated as Guidance).

The parental ratings are set by the broadcaster.

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