A YouView Box Update

August 16th, 2021

BT Software Update 32.115.0 / 3.7.112

This is a maintenance software release for BT devices which includes some user facing bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

In this release we have implemented some bug fixes including:

  • An issue where pressing fast forward/rewind didn't cycle through the different ffwd speeds correctly

  • An issue where the status of recordings would not be updated straight away in the carousel on the Home Screen

Compatible devices

This software version currently supports these box models:

  • DTR - T2100

  • DTR - T2200

  • DTR - T4000

Not sure which box model you have? We'll show you how to find out.

Software Versions

Manufacturer software: 32.115.0
Component software: 3.7.112

Latest software versions 

Important information

This is a phased software release therefore some boxes will receive this update before others.


Have some feedback on this update? 
Let us know on our community forum. We've set up a discussion thread specifically for this update.