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Viewers in the West & South West
Viewers in the West & South West of England may need to retune after 9am on the 19th June 2019 to ensure they receive all available Freeview channels. More information   here
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2nd April 2019
BT SOFTWARE UPDATE 32.23.0 / 3.6.44

This update includes a number of new features, including Search in Action Panel and UI updates as well as stability improvements.
What's new? imageSearch added to Action Panel
  • Now you can search a show straight from the action panel. Press the information button on any programme to bring up the action panel. From there you can select ‘Search’ and we’ll find all the results for that show for you.

Updated copy for Empty MyTV in Main Menu
  • If you have no recordings yet, we’ll give you some information in the Main Menu that let’s you know what you can find in MyTV: “This is where you’ll find your recordings, and scheduled recordings.”

Re-ordered the options in Settings and Setup
  • We’ve re-ordered the options in Settings and Setup so that they are all in the same numerical order where applicable.
Settings and Setup

Helpful information during setup wait times
  • We’ll now give you useful information during setup wait times, so you can learn about your   service while you wait.

Finishing up screen for ‘end of channel retune’
  • When completing or cancelling a retune, we now show a finishing up screen to let you know we’re completing the task

Improved labels for single programme tiles in Recordings
  • We’ve added additional labels to recordings in MyTV so they best reflect the status of the programme.
software versions imageManufacturer software: 32.23.0
Component software: 3.6.44

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Discussions imageThis software version currently supports these box models:
    • DTR - T2100
    • DTR - T2200
    • DTR - T4000
    Not sure which box model you have? We'll show you how to find out.
    Important information image
    This is a phased software release therefore some boxes will receive this update before others.
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    Let us know on our community forum. We've set up a discussion thread specifically for this update.
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