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Getting YouView on Sony
Looking to get YouView through a Sony TV? There are a few things you should check before you buy:
  1. Things to check before you get YouView
    Before you buy anything, let’s make sure you can use YouView in your home. Here’s a checklist of things you’ll need:
    • An aerial with a good signal
    • At least a 3Mb/s broadband connection

    Don’t forget to check your digital TV coverage and broadband speed using our Availability Checker.
  2. Does it matter who my broadband provider is?
    No, we work with any broadband connection.
  3. Compatible Sony TV's
    Sony TV's with an Android operating system are compatible with YouView. Have a look on the Sony site for more information.

    Warning icon Before you buy anything, check if the TV is YouView compatible with the retailer. 
  4. Important Information
    Please Note: YouView is only available in the UK and it’s also only available in English.
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