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Fix for YVM2305
TV channels unavailable
We’d like to give you something entertaining to watch, but there are no channels tuned at the moment. Don’t worry, try these steps and we’ll help you tune your channels:
  1. Hidden channels
    Have you hidden the channel? If so, try un-hiding it:

    Standard Remote
      Humax Remote
    1. Press the GUIDE button
    2. Once the guide is open, press the Yellow button
    3. Enter your Sony PIN
    4. If you have hidden any channels, an option to ‘Restore all channels’ will be offered to you. Press the Red button to restore all your channels

    Touchpad Remote
      Humax Remote
    1. Press the HOME button
    2. Select Program Guide from the Apps row and select Guide
    3. Press the Action Menu and select the Yellow button
    4. Enter your Sony PIN
    5. If you have hidden any channels, an option to ‘Restore all channels’ will be offered to you. Press the Action Menu and select the Red button

  2. Channel check
    Pop your postcode into our Availability Checker. Is you channel listed?
    • Yes

      Right, so you can receive this channel. Try the next steps to see if we can pick up that channel.
    • No

      If you can’t see it in the list, the channel may not be available in your area.
  3. Check your cables
    Head around the back of your TV and check the aerial cable is securely connected.

    Don’t forget to check the other end of the aerial cable is also connected to the aerial socket in your home.

    Using an indoor aerial? Some of these are powered aerials, check the plug is connected and the aerial is powered on. 
  4. Retune your channels
    A simple retune may do the trick:
    1. Press the HOME button on your remote
    2. Scroll down to Settings
    3. Select Channel Setup
    4. Select Digital Setup
    5. Select Digital Tuning
    6. Select Digital Auto Tuning

    Give it a couple of minutes to retune and check to see if your signal is back to normal. You can also manually tune your channels by choosing the Digital Manual Tuning option in the Digital Tuning section.
  5. Restart your TV
    The old “switch it on and off” routine. Overused but it can often help resolve the issue. Press and hold the YouView button on your remote for 8 seconds, then let go. You're TV will then begin to restart.
  6. Planned engineering works
    Every so often maintenance works are carried out to keep your transmitter in top condition. This might weaken your signal or interrupt your service.

    Check the Digital UK website to see if your transmitter is affected. 

    Don’t know what transmitter you’re using? Pop your postcode into their coverage checker to find out.
  7. Check for signal interference
    Sometimes the issue is out of your control. You could be affected by outside signal interference, such as:
    • Our blustery British weather or high pressure conditions
    • Engineering works to your local transmitter 
    • 4G mobile transmitters

    Have a read of our article: How to improve your signal for more help.
  8. Further help
    We didn’t expect you to end up here, but thanks for trying all the steps.
    We’d suggest contacting the Freeview advice line, they can help you further.
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