A YouView on Sony Update

April 29th, 2020

Sony 2020 Range [APK Version: 2020-03-26-e910a989a]

A new software update which includes some new features is now available for Sony’s 2020 Android TVs connected to the internet.

What's new?

Guide Categories

Filter your Guide by category (including HD, Children’s and Sport) by pressing the blue button on your remote and navigating left and right to your selection.


Set a reminder for a future programme in your Guide by pressing the middle button on the D-pad on the remote. You can also set reminders via the Action Panel by selecting ‘set reminder’.

To cancel a reminder, simply press the button again while in the Guide, or chose ‘cancel reminder’ from the Action panel.


To add or remove programmes to your MyTV Watchlist, select a programme from your Guide and press the record button. Alternatively these can be added via the Action Panel.

TV Shows and Films can be access via the Main Menu, and pressing the middle of the D-pad to open full screen views.

Clear Search History

You can remove search history by pressing the blue button on the remote while in the Search screen. This will then prompt the viewer to confirm.

Software versions

Software Version: Google Play Store 2020-03-26-e910a989a

Latest software versions 

Compatible devices

This update is available for Sony Android TV's from the 2020 model range.