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Sync remote to the TV
One remote to rule them all! Not quite, but you can still sync your YouView remote to your TV with these steps:
First pick your remote, then follow the instructions:
  1. Humax Remote
    Humax Remote
    1. Find the code that matches your TV
    2. Press and hold the TV button for 3 seconds until the TV button light comes on
    3. Enter the 3-digit code that matches the make and model of your television. Every time a number is entered, the button will blink. When the third digit is entered, the button will blink twice
    4. If the correct 3-digit code is entered, your TV will power off
    5. Press the OK button on your YouView remote control and the TV button will blink three times. The setup is complete
    6. If your TV doesn't power off, repeat the instruction from 3 to 5

    Note: When no code is entered for one minute the universal setting mode will switch to normal mode.
  2. BT/Plusnet Remotes
    Choose which remote you have and follow their instructions:

    BT remote
    Trying to pair your BT remote to a Panasonic TV?
    There is an extra step you need to take. During step 4 (hold the TV button until the TV turns off), your TV should turn off, once it's turned off you need to press the TV ON button, your remote should blink, then press OK. Now the TV ON and TV AV buttons will work.
    Plusnet remote
  3. TalkTalk Remotes
    If you have a TalkTalk remote, see the instructions here.
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