Using Maintenance Mode

A YouView Box FAQ

Maintenance mode is used to recover your box when something has gone wrong with it. You can restore your box back to its factory settings, letting you start again from a clean slate.

Before you start

Some Maintenance Modes will revert all your settings back to their defaults, remove any paired devices and delete your recordings & scheduled recording list. We know how important recordings are so we do offer options to keep your recordings. The different options available are displayed below.

Last things to check

Once you've done a Maintenance Mode reset, you'll need to go through the first time setup again. To help this run smoothly, make sure:

  1. Your box is plugged into the mains and the power switch on the back is switched on. Make sure you keep the box in standby. We need to access Maintenance Mode from the start up screen
  2. The aerial cable is securely connected to the Aerial In/Antenna In port.
  3. The Ethernet cable is securely connected to the Ethernet port. If you’re using Powerline adapters, make sure these are connected also. Need help with these connections? See our connection guide
  4. Your box is connected to your TV with a HDMI or Scart cable and that the correct Source/ input is selected on your TV.
  5. If you're able to, make a note of all your preferred settings and scheduled recordings as you will lose them once you've completed a Maintenance Mode reset.

Check your box model

We have many different YouView boxes, because they are all slightly different, we have different instructions for them.

Already know your box model? Then find your instructions below.

Not sure what box model you have? Follow these steps then come back and see your instructions: