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Fix for YVM607
HD content protection couldn’t be enabled
When you try to play an HD programme, it requires authentication from your TV and YouView box. This is known as High Definition Content Protection (or HDCP). If this cannot be enabled at the time you may see this error code on screen. See if these steps can help:
  1. Check your cables
    Your HDMI cable might be acting up. Disconnect it from your YouView box and TV and then reconnect it. Check the HDMI connection between the TV and the box to ensure they are secure and make sure no other cables are attached e.g. SCART.

    Still not working? Try using a different HDMI cable.
  2. Restart your YouView box
    The old “switch it on and off” routine. Overused but it can often help resolve the issue. Press and hold the YouView button on your box for 8 seconds, then let go. You’ll be greeted with a friendly ‘Hello’ telling you that your box has restarted.
  3. Restart your TV
    A quick step this. Just turn off the plug for your TV, wait a few seconds and then turn it back on. Now see if this has helped.
  4. Remove extra equipment
    Not all equipment is HDCP friendly. If you are using a device (like a HDMI switch or DVD player) in between your YouView box and TV, try disconnecting it. The HDMI cable should be the only connection between your box and the TV.

    If you are using an HDMI splitter or audio equipment, this may be causing issues with the HD signal authentication. We recommend connecting the box directly to the TV to check this fixes the issue.
  5. Check for software updates
    1. Bring up the menu with your remote
    2. Select Settings
    3. Go to the Information & Reset area and select Software information
    4. Select Update software

    We’ll let you know if we find any updates and start downloading it for you.
  6. Check for TV updates
    It could be possible that your TV requires a software update. Check your TV manual on how to do this.
  7. Further help
    We didn’t think you’d end up here, but thanks for trying all the above steps. We’d suggest contacting your box provider for further help.
    You can also drop a message on our forum where our helpful community members and staff will be able provide some assistance. To create an account to post on the forum, click here
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