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Broadband data allowance
Understanding how using YouView will affect your data allowance is important. Here’s some information you might find useful:
  1. Does using YouView contribute to my broadband data allowance?
    YouView is a connected service that requires the internet to use many of its features.

    First things first, how did you get YouView?
    • With a TV subscription from a broadband provider
      Depending on your provider, using YouView may not contribute towards your allowance. Contact your broadband provider directly to find out about their broadband data policy.
    • Without a TV subscription from a broadband provider
      If you have a data allowance, using YouView may contribute towards your usage, like any other internet service. Please check with your broadband provider.
  2. How much data have I used?
    Your broadband provider should be able to help you track your data usage. Visit their website or call them directly to find out.

    As a rule of thumb watching one hour of Standard Definition (SD) On Demand uses about 1GB of data. High Definition (HD) On Demand uses approximately twice as much.
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