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How do I add content to my Watch List?
The Watch List allows you to create your own catch up library
  1. Adding programmes
    When you find an On Demand show you want to add to your Watch List, the simplest way to do this is to press the record button on the remote control. If the programme is added you will receive a confirmation message at the top of the screen and a tick will appear on the programme image. You can also add an On Demand programme through the information panel on a programme. If you press (i) on a programme you will see the option ‘Add to Watch List’. You can add programmes from the following sections on the box:
    • Main programme guide
    • Mini guide
    • Discover
    • Programme search
    Please Note: it is not possible to add a programme directly from the On Demand player.
  2. Using the Watch List
    In the MyTV option on your YouView box you will find Watch List between the Recording and Scheduled sections. When in the Watch List you will be able to scroll through each of the added programmes one by one (it is not possible to add a programme series to the Watch List at the time). If there is no content in your Watch List you will instead see a helpful message advising you how you can add content to it. When initiating playback of a programme from your Watch List, this will launch the programme from the On Demand player.
  3. Watch List on non-recordable boxes
    The MyTV section is now available for non-recordable YouView boxes and you can access your Watch List from here. Adding content to your Watch List is the same as a normal box (pressing record on the programme or through the programme information panel). On a non-recordable device the option for Recording and Scheduled are not available. A message will appear at the top of the screen to confirm that a programme can’t be added if it is unavailable or an attempt is made to add this through a player. There are a number of steps available if you experience an issue trying to access your Watch List.
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