Forgotten parental PIN & security question

A YouView Box FAQ

It is unfortunate if you find yourself in this position but we do still have a way to help you...

The only way to get a new Parental PIN is to reset your box back to its factory settings:

Performing a factory reset on your box will delete all of your recordings.

Want to keep your recordings?

Try a Maintenance Mode Reset. It’s a few more steps, but worth it if you want to keep hold of them.

To factory reset your box:

  1. Open the Menu
  2. Select Settings*
  3. From Information & Reset select Factory Reset
  4. Read the on screen warning and select Reset
  5. Type in the numbers you see on screen to confirm you want to do a factory reset

Give your box a few minutes to reset itself and you’ll be asked go through the original setup again. This will give you the chance to set a new PIN.

*Settings can be found via the cog in the top right corner of the Menu. You can get to the cog by pressing Up and right after opening the Menu.