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Using powerline adapters
Everything you need to know about using powerline adapters:
  1. What are powerline adapters?
    It’s a clever piece of tech that passes your broadband signal through your home power sockets, so that you can get wired internet access anywhere in your home.
  2. Where can I get them?
    You can buy Powerline Adaptors from most electrical retailers or online.

    If you’ve got your box from your broadband provider, give them a call to get their own recommended adapters.
  3. Setting up powerline adapters
    They’re quite straight forward to set up and work straight out the box. All you need to do is:
    1. Plug the 1st adapter into a wall socket next to your router
    2. Connect an Ethernet cable from the router to the adapter
      Router connection image
    3. Plug the 2nd adapter into a wall socket next your box
    4. Connect an Ethernet cable from the adapter to your box
      powerline adapter connection image
    5. Turn your router and box on and wait for it to connect
  4. Trouble using powerline adapters
    Already got a pair of powerline adapters? If they’re not working for you, here's some useful tips:

    Plug them into a wall socket
    Powerline adapters works best when connected directly to a wall socket. If you don't have a spare wall socket then you can connect them to an extension lead, but try connecting it to the socket closest to the power lead. The shorter the signal needs to travel the better. 

    Reset your adapters
    Your adapters usually have 3 lights on them to let you know the status of your connection. They should all be the same colour, but if one is different or off then it could mean you have a connection issue. Try resetting them to give them a chance to reconnect. 

    Depending on your adapters you may have a reset pinhole, button or switch on the adapter:

    Reset powerline adapters image

    Pinhole -  Use something thin to press inside it and hold it until the lights turn off. Then let go and it will reset itself.
    Button -  Press inside it and hold it until the lights turn off. Then let go and it will reset itself.
    Switch - Turn it off and leave for 30 seconds. Then turn it back on.
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