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4th June 2019
TALKTALK SOFTWARE UPDATE 60.48.72 / 3.6.82 & 72.48.72 / 3.6.82

This update brings a selection of new features to TalkTalk DN360T & DN372T devices:
  • Search in Action Panel
  • Start again for BBC programmes
  • Last Watched' tab added to Watch List
  • Full Hard Disk Drive notification - YVM217
  • MyTV in Main Menu for DN360T devices
What's new? imageSearch in Action Panel
Now you can search a show straight from the action panel. Press the information button on any programme to bring up the action panel. From there you can select ‘Search’ and we’ll find all the results for that show for you.

1. Find a programme you like and press the Information button
User-added image

2. Select Search and we'll show you all available results for that programme
User-added image

3. Search in Action Panel can also be helpful if you experience a failed recording.
User-added image

4. Select Search from the Action Panel to check to see if the programme is available On Demand or if it's on again in the future. 
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Start again for BBC programmes

Missed the start of a live BBC programme? Don't worry, if more than 2 minutes of the programme has past, we'll offer you the option 'Start again' (where available).

When you’re watching a BBC channel, press OK to bring the playback bar up, then press and hold OK to start again in BBC iPlayer.
We’ll show you a countdown in the playback bar so you know how long to hold OK for.

You can watch as far back as up to 2 hours from the time you start again.

User-added image

Last Watched' tab added to Watch List

If you have started watching an On Demand series, the series in your Watch List will now open and display a 'Last Watched' tab highlighting your last watched episode. No more need to scroll down the carousel to find it!

User-added image

Full HDD (Hard Disk Drive) Notification - YVM217

If you have set the ‘Auto Delete’ setting to ‘Off’ in Settings, when opening MyTV with less than 5% disk space free (or a full hard drive) will now give you a notification message. It will indicate that you are running low on disk space and recordings may fail. A new viewer support error code, YVM217, is shown. 

User-added image

MyTV in the main menu for DN360T devices

DN360T set-top boxes (no HDD) will now display episodes you have been watching from On-Demand players, instead of showing a series. It will be sorted by your last watched and will only show one episode from each series that you are watching.

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software versions imageManufacturer software: 60.48.72 / 72.48.72
Component software: 3.6.82

Latest software versions 
Discussions imageThis software version currently supports these box models:
  • DN360T
  • DN372T
Not sure which box model you have? We'll show you how to find out.
Important information imageThis is a phased software release therefore some boxes will receive this update before others. 

Please note, the DN360T box model does not support recording.
Discussions imageHave some feedback on this update? 
Let us know on our community forum. We've set up a discussion thread specifically for this update.
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