ITV Hub app unavailable

A YouView Box FAQ

You will no longer be able to access the ITV Hub app on particular devices.

From January 2022, ITV will be updating their content protection technology which means new shows will no longer be available to watch on first generation YouView devices.

You will still be able to watch older shows, but these will gradually start to disappear as they expire. Eventually ITV Hub will be removed from these devices.

Affected devices:
• Humax T1000 from BT or retail
• Humax T1010 from retail
• Huawei DN370T from Talk Talk

ITV Hub will continue to work and be available on other YouView boxes and through YouView on Sony TVs.

BT TV customers:

If you’re a BT TV customer, BT will be in touch to discuss your options before this change happens.

TalkTalk TV customers:

Visit and search for "ITV" for more information.